Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Conference season is upon us. Some of you are already done with your first set of conferences and some of you have them coming up. Conferences have definitely changed over the years, but I am happy with the way I do conferences now. My students come to their conference with their parents to celebrate their learning. They lead the conference for half of the time, sharing their learning, and celebrating their hard work. Then the students step out of the room and I have a little bit of time with the parents, this is often to continue celebrating, but it provides an opportunity for the adults to discuss anything they need to without the child hearing it.

One way I encourage my students to reflect before sitting down with their parents is to fill out a 3-2-1 Reflection. This reflection asks them to celebrate three pieces of learning, set two goals, and determine one way they can reach the goal. 

3-2-1 Conference Reflection (Freebie)

Click here to get a FREE copy of this reflection to use with your students.

 I am overt in discussing student behavior in front of the student, because I think they should take responsibility in their actions. When it comes to discussing more sensitive issues like friendships and self-esteem, I take advantage of the students being out of the room, because I want conferences to be a positive experience for them. If there is an issue that needs to be handled, I will schedule another meeting with the parents (and possibly the student).

What is your favorite thing about conferences?


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